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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 13, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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but you have one good weekend left here before we do get serious about autumn. temperatures this morning, it is cool, it is chilly, it is cold. it is about where it belongs. you take a look outside. i wanted to put this shot outside here. it is so pretty. the clear skies, the quiet atmosphere and everything else, it is beautiful. that's the first hint or light or glow of dawn, but it is really a pretty few overlooking the inner harbor. it is gorgeous. now temperatures at the airport, you get away from the city, you get out in the environment, and it is down to 32 degrees. a low light wind and low humidity. 47 downtown. so there is a big range in temperatures around the area this morning. a couple of folks might actually experience upper 20's here before we hit the low in the next hour or so. details on where the temperatures do go once ge get through the weekend coming up.
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>> corruption in maryland. a county executive and his wife hauled off to jail. that's our big story this morning. >> executive jack johnson and his wife leslie johnson, a newly elected county council member were arrested at their home. >> federal officials ushered jack johnson out of his prince george's county home. his wife, leslie, concealed her face from cameras, with a coat. the two are accused -- >> these investigations include allegations that investigators have been paying off people in return for actions. >> an affidavit filed in court alleges f.b.i. agents have been monitoring their movements through wire taps and other movements as far back as 2007. investigations including payments to johnson for $1,000
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in one instance and $5,000 in another. today agents allegedly interrupted a $15,000 payoff. >> jack johnson was allowed to leave that interview and then made a series of telephone calls to his wife. >> those calls include johnson instructing his wife to destroy a $100,000 check. >> leslie johnson asks, do you want me to put it down the toilet? and johnson plizz, yes, flush that. the tape alleges he told his wife to put the money in her underwear, and she said, i have it in my bra. >> u.s. attorney rod rosenstein said today, the allegations are an ongoing investigation into corruption in prince george's county. >> we still have several people to interview, and f.b.i. agents will be conducting those interviews and gathering
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additional evidence over the coming days. >> kai reed, reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> jack johnson was released from prison yesterday and put on an electronic monitoring device. he proclaimed his innocence. >> when the facts are revealed, i am absolutely convinced without a shadow of a doubt that i am going to be vindicated. >> leslie johnson has been released on her own reconaissance. you can read more at and click on "local news." >> in anne arundel county police looking for suspects after a robbery and shooting inside a pizza par lower -- parlor in glen burnie. according to police, four people entered the eat ri.
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during a confrontation, a man was shot. >> that person was transported to the hospital in extremely serious condition. the four suspects fled the building in an unknown condition. detectives are working at this time canvasing for winds and trying to identify the suspects. right now we have no further description. >> anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call anne arundel county police. >> residents in one community in laurel remain on high alert. this is when police alleged -- police allege a man raped a woman there earlier. >> shena moore is relieved to see more police in her neighborhood. >> that night i think we saw police and they came knocking on our doors and they let us know and i guess they let the people in the area know what was going on. i'm glad that the police are around here more than usual.
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>> tonight detectives went door-to-door in the 8100 block alerting laurel residents of the violent sexual assault that happened there. in the days since monday's attack, they encouraged people to be on the lookout for the man in this composite sketch. police say the man raped a woman. >> a 23-year-old female was walking to the dumpster to throw out the trash. she was coming back. a suspicious suspect was lurking in the bushes. he grabbed her and astaulted her. >> it could happen to anybody. it could happen to me. sometimes i come in late with my child. we have to come through the backs in the steps in the dark. they don't have any lights back there. they need to put some lights. >> the case is still under investigation. in the meantime, the anne arundel police say to be more aware. >> if you see something suspicious, it doesn't hurt to
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travel in groups, keep a cell phone handy. >> anyone with information is urged to call 1-866-7-lock-up. >> family and friends this morning are remembering two men whose bodies were found after a fire at a glen burnie auto body shop. family and friends say acevedo and ramos were killed when the flames over-powered nem. -- them. >> an inspection of the howard street tunnel has investigators concerned. more on the unexpected developments. >> baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake toured the howard street tunnel in a rail-friendly passenger van. her group of experts included
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the director of mrgesy management. it is a follow-up by c.f.x. in the aftermath of an august 5th derailment which disrupted north-south freight traffic. their latest examination made an unexpected discovery, water on the ground next to the tracks. one official said it was something they are not comfortable with. >> it is hard to do the forensics around that and determine the source of the water. but again, we think we can stay on top of that. >> the it up he will has a history of water problems. back in 2001, the dsht ntsb could not determine if it was from a water main derailment or whether heat from the fire caused the derailment. the stephanie rawlings-blake administration is trying to improve tunnel safety. >> we're doing work improving
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the drainage through the it up he will. they are also gog going above and beyond when it comes to the safety check. >> c.s.x. will inspect the tunnel, nell expedite rail replacement. they will detect hidden track flaws and improve drainage. c.s.x. is confident these new measures will take care of the problems. >> the frequent inspections should prevent that from being a problem. >> they are looking into grants for a ventilation program. also, a new response plan. not only with c.s.x. but with city and riegenabble responders as well. >> this is a tremendous connector. >> david collins, wbal-tv 11
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news. >> and c.s.x. is sharing information. the city used to have to wait for the state to disclose it. >> 6:08. good news if you are looking to make extra money. details ahead in cup alert. -- in consumer alert. >> details of a proposal that has a lot of people talking. coming up. >> a fee? can't believe it. >> first a live look outside. it is a gorgeous morning. john has your insta-weather plus forecast when we come b
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>> here's our live h.d. doppler radar. everything in the atmosphere is stalled. this time around we are lucky enough the high pressure and the good weather has stalled right over head. we have benefited. out in the mississippi valley up into wisconsin, up into illinois and parts of iowa, it is rain. you go far enough north or west, and there is snow. northern wisconsin, central minnesota, northwest iowa. some of that will be coming our way eventually.
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that's the change we expect in the weather after the weekend. not the snow part, but other things. i'll detail that coming up. beautiful clear sky from our sky cam view. yesterday morning there was about a 20-minute period when the air dropped to 28 degrees. we may see it get that close here this morning. we'll see. 47 at the inner harbor. yesterday morning that same widespread temperatures away from the bay and downtown area. heading further east. that's going to allow changes. yesterday 66 was the hyatt the airport. 65 at the inner harbor. the records are up in the 70's, so that's not really a target
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here. it is just nice stuff. annapolis is 43. easton 36. the boardwalk is 40. chester town 38. elkton along with edgewood. westminster 41. hagerstown to 30 now. and temperatures in the 30's and 20's out in far western maryland. clear skies on the satellite image. here's that high pressure. the center line of the ridge is running over us right now. it has been to our west to this point but now it will be east and start slipping further east, so things in the atmosphere become a little more progressive. they move on. things have been stalled all week long. that means eventually this weather system off to the west with its little band of snow and rain, will all start sliding east, and we'll begin to see hints of that with clouds moving in, but today, sun just like yesterday and pleapt conditions, just like -- and pleasant conditions just like yesterday.
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there is a coastal flood advisory out. even parts of the lower eastern shore of the bay. just abnormally high tides. some of you that have docked may notice that. insta-weather futurecast, we'll see by tomorrow meaning, some clouds moving in. by monday a better chance of rain. temperatures in the 40's for highs. so reality strikes. >> when you come down to d.c., you may have to dig a little deeper in your pockets. it is pretty shocking.
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11 news nicole killion has more on this proposal. >> the smithsonian attracts millions of visitors from around the world every year. >> i think it is good for the kids to come down and learn about history. >> that being freep makes it even more attractive to us. >> we are clearly on an unsustainable path. >> it is proposing $225 million in funding cuts to the smithsonian and recommends that the museum start charging for admission. we took the idea to a futurists and asked free or fee? >> should the museums be free? >> if you didn't get a free museum, why would you come to washington, d.c.? >> somehow it has to be paid for. if that means a minimal admission. >> $750. >> that is not that much money. >> that would be expensive, for
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a family of four, that would be expensive. >> this facility doesn't know how it came up with the figures, but some believe the museum should remain free of charge. >> we think it is very important that the smithsonian remain free for everyone. these are actually held in trust for the american people. they are in fact the national museum. regardless of your ability to pay, you should be able to come and see. >> evidently the number of people we talked to picked free over fee. the final decision will be up to the president's deficit panel. wbal-tv 11 news. >> i hope it stays free. that's half the fun, wandering in and out of all the museums. >> coming up, hundreds of thousands and -- of trucks and s.u.v.'s on the recall list. >> if you are planning to rent a car this holiday season, find out the extra fees you might be
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able to avoid. >> we're in the multi sensory school at the chimes school. how the organization is helpi side. nowhere to go. snelling in the back, as snelling. they know exactly where he is. >> bob: second and ten from the 14. >> joe: i'm still looking for tony gonzalez down here. >> bob: snelling. stood up at the ten. chris carr on the tackle after jarret johnson got
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>> in "consumer alert" northrup is one of the nation's hargeest contractors. -- largest contractors. officials call a layoff in virginia a critical financial step. they are in the process of moving head quarters from california to virginia. >> there is good news for job seekers. according to forbes magazine, sears is doing the most hiring with 12,000 job hirings, next is j.c. pennye and macy's. it looks like holiday jobs could be the gift that keeps on giving. 40% of the companies that career
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builder dot com surveyed say they plan to make some holiday workers full time. >> a site that publishes what it claims to be black friday says target will offer door-buster deals from 4:00 to 10:00 a.m. h.d. tv's for 298 and a number of appliances that sell for $3. shoppers can get a 10-daur dollar gift card. go to our our web site at and click on consumer. for more information. >> with a busy travel season, something you should know about renting a car. chris clackum has those details. . >> so your car has a flat or dead battery and you didn't get
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web site assistance. keep your credit card handy. >> we have found a lot of creative ways to nick l and dime consumers. >> if you refuse the assistance coverage, you are now responsible for paying a locksmith for running out of gas. that's why consumer advocates advise you do other things that save money. like filling up before returning the car and being smart with accident insurance. >> these insurances are probably a duplication of coverage. so if you own a car and you have insurance, that will cover you when you rent a car. >> when the agent offers you an upgrade, it may be because they done have the car reserved. >> it is important to understand why they are offering it to you, and they tend to get it for
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free. >> even the travel industry is cracking jokes. >> i heard an analyst say the other day, he wouldn't be surprised if companies start charging for steering wheels. >> but it is hard to laugh when it is your money. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> nissan is recalling over half a million of its vehicles, most of which were sold here in the united states. steering columns and battery cables need to be fixed. the recall covers 3,32 frontier pick-ups and s.u.v.'s made between 2000 and 2004 xtereas owners will start being notified next month. we'll be back with more coming up. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> an organization has helped people with mental and physical disabilities for over a decade. >> this is part of dinay williams usual day.
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since moving here from a public school, she's thrived. >> they took time with her. they talk to her. they treat her like a normal child, but they have that extra love for her. she adapted to that very well. now she's reading, she's writing, she knows her name, all her alphabet, numbers, counting to 50. >> what kind of things have you learned here? >> math. >> the school for students age 6 to 21 is just one of the parts of the chimes organization helping people with disabilities learn to live independently. >> we believe every individual, no matter how disabled he or she may seem to be, can grow, learn, and very well.
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>> he has been working with the chimes organization for 40 years and he will be inducted into their hall of fame. he's seen them expand, including the new facility for the school that's helped students like denasha. when she was born, her doctors told her mother she would never walk or talk. but she has far exceeded those expectations. >> for more information on chimes look at our web site at in baltimore, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6:28. 34 degrees on tv hill. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> that includes a battle between the city police union. we'll have the latest on the contract talks coming up. >> our streak of great weather continues for a while, but eventually more typical fall weather will return. weather will return. our forecast just
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning". >> we'll get to the news in just a moment, but first the weather. what a day we're going to have. >> next week we'll readjust to
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where we should be. >> if you have your bulbs to plapt, this is the week to do it. >> raking can wait. >> i don't know. i'm going to work on it tomorrow. i have two more trees and then i'm finished. i'll try to catch up tomorrow before the recycling folks get that bath up. 32 degrees is the reading at b.w.i. marshall. yesterday morning the temperatures dipped to the upper 20's. we could see that this morning. we'll see what happens. we can't hold it at this chilly temperature much longer. it is different at the science center. yesterday morning at the same time we saw that same wide range of temperatures. but again today, with the stun and high pressure, and all those -- with the sun and high pressure, we'll have all those other things. i'll detail what's going to happen coming up. >> rezz -- residents at one
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apartment complex are relieved after the arrest of kion cunning ham. >> the police are around here more than we are. >> he was a suspect. >> this morning cunningham is facing murder charges. >> jack johnson and his wife leslie are facing federal charges. thr there are allegations of priberi charges. there are allegations real estate people were bribing public officials for fafrleable actions. >> the city had planned to tear
6:33 am
down the aging first marner arena and build a new one at the site. that project stalled back in 2008 amid the recession. leaders are looking at sites on baltimore's west side. first marner's arena has continued to draw major attractions despite lacking amenities. >> the police union has been without a contract since june. lowell melser has the latest. >> we did our job. our membership has spoken as loud as they can speak. i think the numbers of this rejeck speaks volumes. >> thursday night after the baltimore f.o.p. voted down its latest contract proposal with the city, union officials continued to express frustration can the sfi which the f.o.p. has had since mayor stephanie rawlings-blake had to make cuts to officers' pensions to balance
6:34 am
the budget. >> our officers know these are tough times. these are men and women expected to take a bullet. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-blake told reporters that ashe was disappointed with the -- that she was disappointed with the f.o.p.'s response. she said everyone needs to give up something, but she felt a solution would be found. >> i am confident we will go back to the negotiating table in good faith and come out with a deal we can get a positive vote on. >> the biggest sticking point had to do with paycuts. according to the f.o.p. officers would take a 2% pay cut. then in 2012 officers would receive five extra paid leave days to make up for it. >> i think when i'm taking furloughs, council members are taking furloughs, the lowest paid people in the city are taking furloughs, if they choose not to, it affects ale of us.
6:35 am
because this is about shared sacrifice to get on the other side of this recession. >> still, the f.o.p. says this is unacceptable saying officers will continue to protect and serve, but they need to be rewarded for their work. >> tonight's rejection is, in essence, a rejection of the mayor and those folks down in city hall 230 who don't appreciate the hard work that our men and women have done over the last several years to bring crime to numbers. >> i'm lowell melser. wbal-tv 11 news. >> stugs. more news ahead. >> plug, six-minute abs and what candace is calling her pig-out soup. >> this is katie. she's top dog.
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bye, camry. >> a storm in the mississippi valley. rain running ahead of it in parts of illinois, arkansas, mississippi. changes to snow? northern wisconsin. it is an indication that out to the west there is a line debating the atmosphere. we're on the good side right now with mild temperatures and dry conditions. eventually that colder stuff filters in as well as the chance for rain. it won't happen this weekends. by sunday we will begin to see a hint of the rain coming. humidity is up at the moment. but 79% with these temperatures at this time of the day will
6:39 am
drop as a rock. barometer is high. we have a west wind at 3 miles per hour. samplinging of temperatures elsewhere. mostly in the 30's. annapolis 43. edgewood 36. parkton 34. 30's and 20's out to the west of us. temperatures rise during the day today. we eventually may get back into the 60's. stalled out with to the west. nothing has been able to move much. this high is further east this morning than it has been. it will continue to truck a little further east in increments right through the weekend. eventually along this front and that weather to get closer to us. today we are still sunnier. everything weather-change wise stays pleasant. 64 to 69 the readings. north to northeast twinds 2 to 7
6:40 am
miles per hour. a northeast breeze. insta-weather futurecast shows by sunday later in the day we start picking up clouds and by monday we could stee a spot -- see a spotty shower. that's what the seven-day forecast is autumn about. per feblingt -- that's what the seven-day forecast is all about. so perfect weather today. a better chance monday or tuesday of rain, and then temperatures start to fall out of the 60's starting monday, and eventually 40's by the end of the week for highs. >> two buildings on the liberal arts college campus are named after signers of the declaration of independence. after all of those years, the college huh has -- the college
6:41 am
has an official dog. this is katie. she has the run of the school. she spends most of her days in melon hall. >> at first i was skeptical about having a dog at a college campus. it has brought us all together. >> most of the time katie goes around visiting everybody. >> i love this little dog. she's so special. we're so happy to have her. >> katie is called the $6 million dog. because the state ben factor --
6:42 am
benefactor said to get millions of dollars to the campus wants a dog. >> he said he would donate money to the college to help build a dormitory provided we had a dog on campus all the time. >> that's why katie has the run of the campus. she's the lucky dog chosen. everyone on campus knows her and loves her. >> there's something human about us that wanted to have a dog around, so it makes us feel much more relaxed and familiar to be here. >> there is an old sign on campus that reads "pets not allowed" that does not apply to katie. >> that's right, unless you have someone willing to donate millions of dollars to the college. >> she is the big dog on campus. >> she's so small and we're so small, it adds to our uniqueness, i think. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that was the perfect story
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>> welcome back. we have candace grasso from 11
6:46 am
fitness. what are you doing down there? >> i'm working abs. >> this time of year people grab about four nches of -- four inches of ab flab. they say what exercises can i do to get rid of that? i think, duct tape. you will see this video when a recipe that will help. you push your feet against the wall, put your hip on the ball and give yourself a range of motion. you can see, it is hitting my obliques, right? and then of course this is an easier version. you want to make sure you do both sides, 20 to 25 reps.
6:47 am
take it right to the floor. i'm going to show you the reverse cool curl. thri about squeezing that ball. just a curl and then back until your low back is touching. this time of year, people tend to get hungrier minus even the holidaysful it is day light very low and it is cold, and the body tries to hold on to some body fat and stay warm. so we have a big-out suit that we made make in my house. honest to goodness it is the one food you can eat whenever your calories are done for the day and you can eat bowls for it and not have damaged your weight loss plan and it is called pig-out soup. when you are in that frame of mind and you are starving, that should be in a big pot and meet you at the refrigerator door every time you open it. and then coming up with a
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medicine ball, 4 to 6 pounds, balancing the lower half, and coming back. it looks like this. start with 10 or 15 reps and work your way up. remember, you are not going to see this, if you have a layer over it. we have nine vegetables in that soup. >> no corn, no potatoes. no carrots, and not that carrots are bad for you. i want you to eat them. >> do carrots add many calories? >> one stalk of celery is maybe 5, one big carrot is 25 to 30. so if you have five carrots that's about 100 calories and if you have five sell rizz, 25.
6:49 am
-- celery sticks, 25. carrots are good for you. don't say i didn't say that. >> first, a look at what's coming up on the "today" show. >> coming up this morning on "today" president obama's trip to asia is coming to an end. he heads back to washington tomorrow where his political problems are mounting, especially with the so-called push tax cuts. >> a bride killed by her husband . he let her drown and was released from prison after serving just 18 months. will he face murder charges in alabama? >> plus, sarah palin. will she run for president in
6:50 am
2012? >> and come on, get happy. we'll start a new series today about the pop culture that's influenced our lives. it was the partridge family. coming up, lester sits down with david cassidy and danny bonaducci as they recommend niss
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>> good morning. i'm greg tollin. it is the playoffs in high school football. what you did during the regular season doesn't matter. harrison won three weeks ago. last night, the rematch, and there was plenty to cheer about if you are on the franklin side. this is a 20-yard touchdown. franklin jumps out to a lead. endorsey to thomas. this play covers 34 yards. the indians all roll 20-so. third quarter, back games hareford. going deep to taylor. a 33 yard touchdown. isaah is pumped. look at this run by mark venable to the outside. watch this. he leaps over a defend per. are you kidding me, a tremendous 27 yard touchdown.
6:54 am
dorsey to the air again. franklin gets their rejeng in a big way a they beat -- indians are moferinge on. the defending 4-a state champs hosting broad neck in the regions semis. brian randolph on the return. brian randolph shaking and baking. 55 yards to the end zone. trey rolling out. he's going deep. solomon takes it and he's off to the races. this would cut the lead to 4 and 14-10. broadneck not done yet. he airs it out to -- the 6 fot 4 solomon. brunes up 16-4. -- bruins needing another yard to ice it. did he get it?
6:55 am
they bring out the chains, and it is a first down. broadneck wins with a final score of 16-14. college basketball. loyola playing against the greyhounds. walker delivers the turn-around. drexel controlling the first half. thomas misses the jumper. drexel led by as many as 13 in the first half. the comeback comes up just short. the final 75-72. hope you have a great weekend! >> all right. john, we're in for a great weekend. >> that's right. be active and enjoy. it can't last forever. it does get colder and rain chances go up this weekend.
6:56 am
67 or close to that. still in the low to mid 60's on sunday. we do start picking up clouds in advance of that wetter weather and cooler weather. actually, it is an adjustment to something more normal. >> today is a gift. >> thank you all for watching. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes. the "today show" is next. >> get out there and enjoy that day.
6:57 am
>> throughout the history of american elections, there have been political operatives. an unspoken and unpublicized position within the campaign charged with digging up information on the opposition influencing voter attitude and interest and skirting ethical lines to get their kids elected. unfortunately it appears maryland politics are not immune as henson said he was to blame for the election night trick of robo calling voters. his calls were an effort to get registered republicans motivated. the call was supposedly intended to get out the vote for the ex-daughter. however, the call went primarily to registered democrats in the city. hen sefment n -- henceon
6:58 am
insisted ehrlich was -- henson insisted ehrlich was unaware. many have voiced their outrage, but governor ehrlich has been quiet. we believe mr. ehrlich must tell the public what he knows about the incident. we support the attorney attorney's investigation and encourage the former governor to participate in anyway. he owes voters ps honesty, the same thing he promised during the campaign. on campaign night ehrlich was gracious in his defeat. however until he provides clarity about what he knows with regard to the robo call incident, he will have lost his legacy and respect as a true public servant to the people of public servant to the people of maryland.
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